This is a pretty short post that I wanted to get out to the community.  Below are the links and source code (view source) for the presentation I gave today at 360 Flex in San Jose. 

GoogleFinance Example: (view source coming soon, still needs some refactoring and clean up.)


11 Responses to “360 Flex Data Visualization Code Examples”

  1. Anonymous

    The view source for the Google Finance Chart doesn't work

  2. Anonymous

    first example source is a dead link.

  3. Thomas Gonzalez

    Hi Everyone, let me look into the source code issues. I thought I had it all working, but the wireless was up/down at 360.

    The Google Finance actually doesn't have source enabled, I am still trying to get some of the stuff cleaned up before I do. I will update as soon as source is available.

  4. Matt

    Great stuff, enjoyed the session today and look forward to playing with the examples.


  5. Anonymous

    When you do get the chart cleaned up let us know for sure. I would totally use it regardless of the state.

  6. Andrew

    It may be my PC laptop (with Vista Business SP1), but the google finance chart is coming up larger than 1024x768 - with the scrollbars showing up; however, on my my Macbook Pro it doesn't.

    Is this expected behavior? (Just wondering...)

  7. Thomas Gonzalez

    @Andrew, no that is not expected behavior. I have sometimes seen that happen where the flash player renders differently on Windows. I will see what I can do to fix it.

  8. Rance

    Great presentation at 360Flex.

    I am working on a chart that could sure use the slider part of the Google Chart. Do you have a time frame on when the source code would be available? Or if you just pointed me in the right direction for the sliders I could probably figure it out from there.

  9. Thomas Gonzalez


    Yeah, getting the Google Finance example cleaned up is on my long list of to-do's. But since you asked for it, I just whipped up a simple example with the chart slicer, and included the source code for it. Let me know how it works for you. You can see it here:

  10. Rance

    That is perfect!

    Thank you very much.

  11. Bill

    I can't speak for everyone but I'm more than happy to sift through whatever code you have in order to learn how you made such a great visualization. I'm just excited to get to see it! :)

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